Corrected Proofs. Previously Unpublished, Uncollected, Unwanted
by Bob Nickas

Manhattan Art Journal
Sean Tatol (ed.)

Never Say You're Sorry
by Bob Nickas
Ratstar Press, 2023

by Noah Dillon
self-published edition of 50, 2022

Capitiali Aruoiust
by Ryan Foerster, with Bob Nickas
Ratstar Press, 2021

One Foot in the Other World
by Paul Maziar
AC Books, 2021

Catherine Tafur: Yearning to Breathe Free
by Catherine Tafur, along with Zachary Small, and Eric Fischl
Maus Contemporary, 2019

Brice Marden
with Brice Marden, Paul Hills, Gary Hume, and Tim Marlow
Gagosian, 2017

Banqueted 2
edited by Paul Maziar and Chris Ashby
Banqueted, 2016

Tote Bags
by Noah Dillon
self-published edition of 12, 2015

Draw it with your eyes closed
Paper Monument, 2012