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anonymous, published by George Francis Dow
reprinted in Whale Ships and Whaling: A Pictorial History, 1925

Kazumasa Ogawa
Whale (beached with humans examining), 1896

A scene in Greenland - Pot-whale stranded, and ice-foxes, 1893

Friedrich Gotthelf Baumgärtner
Ein Wallfisch in der Schelde, 1869

Anonymous, probably UK
Whale stranded at Longniddry, first of forth, 1869

Cornelis van Noorde
Cagelot of Potwalvis, 1764

Anonymous, probably UK
The spermacæti whale to Greenland dock 1762, 1762

Hendrix Spilman
The Whale Beached Between Zandvoort and Wijk Op Zee, 1735

John Churchill
Early 17th Century Whaling Methods at Spitsbergen, 1704

John Drapentier
A Trew Draught of the Whale as he was seen at Blackwall Dock, ca. 1690

Jean Nieuhoff
A beached sperm whale with a variety of other fish from Chinese waters, 1665

Anonymous, Germany
Abbildung des Jenigen fisches welcher unfern der Stadt Hamburg..., 1659

Anonymous, Germany
Beschreiben eines gar grossen..., 1619

Willem Buytewech
Beached Whale, 1617

Adam Willaerts
Whale Stranded on the Dutch North Sea Coast, ca. 1617

Esaias van de Velde
Sperm whale on the beach of Noordwijk, 1614

Claes Jansz. Visscher
Beached Sperm Whale at Noordwijk, early 17th century

Jacob Matham
Beached Whale, 1602

Jan Saenredam
Gestrande walvis bij Beverwijk, 1601

Hendrik Goltzius
Beached Sperm whale Near Berkhey, 1598

Jan Wierix
Three Beached Whales, 1577

Andre Thevet
On the Taking of Whales, ca. 1574-75

Ambrose Pare
Des Monstres et Prediges, 1573

_ A _ R _ C _ H _ I _ V _ E _ S _